Island flora and fauna

DSCN3820  It’s time to share some of the Island roadside nature scenes from this week.  Lady slippers are still in bloom and with the warmer temperatures, some of our animal friends are making their way out of the marshes.

DSCN3797   DSCN3805


The garden is especially colorful this spring and we’ve come to the wonderful time when the Siberian iris are in bloom in front of the Walter Studio.

DSCN3828   DSCN3829

The Island is always dressed for the photographer, whether it’s daytime, after a rain or at sunset.


DSCN3795   DSCN3796

These two warm and fuzzy friends…

DSCN3725…remind me to bring you more photos (soon) of the spinners in Spinners’ Retreat with Deb Jones and the weavers in Beginning Weaving with Nancy Adams both here this week.

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