Spinning and weaving, as promised

DSCN3842   Dyed fibers and yarns from past years came back to visit the spinners during Spinners’ Retreat (or perhaps more aptly named Spinners’ Advance!) class with Deb Jones.  The drum carders were put to good use as were the wheels during this 5-day class.  We’re looking forward to Deb’s next class, “Dyeing to Knit”, August 21-24, where students will dye yarns that create “Fair Isle” and striping patterns when knit.


DSCN3848   DSCN3854

The weavers, with instructor Nancy Adams and assistant Susan Johnson, wove not only their projects on the looms, but themselves together as a group during the week.


DSCN3834  DSCN3835

DSCN3865  DSCN3864

DSCN3861  DSCN3870

We will also see Nancy Adams again when she returns to teach “Beyond Beginning: Weaving” from September 8-13.  These two instructors, like the 34 others who are teaching at Sievers this year, give so much to their students. We are indebted to all of them!

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